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Hello and welcome to LOLZIPOPZZ! This is a graphics community for the graphics of captain_sarah. This community is closed to new members, but you're always able to watch it! Feel free to use my icons and such as much as you like but pleaasseee credit me when you do!
Fandoms: This community is for multifandom icons. I icon everything and anything I like. What you will usually find here is Disney, Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, Pushing Daisies, Regina Spektor, and whatever else floats my boat. Please look through the TAGS for the full list! :)

~RESOURCES~ (textures/brushes)
nivani @ thest_one /// colourthehours @ vintageforest /// jenis_waikiki @ soleil_graphics /// talipuu @ mirrorskies /// cookiestome @ satin_resonance /// naginis @ accios /// zeldona @ mellowmint /// nasirah @ ohfreckless /// djalina @ madnesscarousel /// sara_stc @ push_the_river /// sk943283 @ joy_coloring /// tomlinsons @ imprintingss /// ad0rkaable @ spreadthepanic /// seriouslywir @ ninefortyfour /// deny1984 @ midnight_road /// aentee @ avantgeeks /// how_we_fade @ pennylane_art /// miuwmiu @ toktoks /// junebugs @ papereagles"> /// butterphil @ serenbutter

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