December 20th, 2009

Chase the Wind and Touch the Sky

The evening star is shining bright so make a wish and hold on tight

Ooooooooh finally a new post! Ratatouille is on. I love this movie. Enchanted is on later and there's gonna be a preview for the new Alice in Wonderland. Exciting!!
Anyway, 34 multi-fandom icons. I was going to make more of...all of these, but I wanted them posted soon so I'll make more later. Especially Twilight with RiffTrax quotes. In my opinion, Twilight was the best RiffTrax ever. And, I saw Princess and the Frog last week! BEST...SECOND BEST DISNEY MOVIE EVER. Aladdin is still my favorite, but PatF is second. Prince Naveen was super dreamy. Mmmhhmmm.


[02] A Very Potter Musical
[04] Anna Popplewell
[03] Emma Watson
[06] Jessie Cave
[10] Princess and the Frog
[05] Twilight (with RiffTrax quotes)
[04] Zooey Deschanel

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