December 25th, 2009

Chase the Wind and Touch the Sky

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Merry Christmas everyone!
I hope you're day is simply splendid and filled with all the Christmas joy you could can boggle up! Eat some Christmas cookies and turkey and figgy pudding and all that stuff! I've never actually had figgy pudding, though. But I hate figs, so I can't imagine liking the pudding. Still. I hope all your loved ones are near and close and celebrating the festivities with you! When you're all done or when you have time in-between, enjoy A Christmas Story! TBS plays it all day as I'm sure most of you know. I've seen this movie twice already today. 

If you are Jewish, happy belated Hanukkah! My cat is Jewish. I've come to that conclusion because she always seems depressed and huffy during Hanukkah (probs 'cause we don't celebrate it) and even huffier during Christmas. And she always knocks our baby Jesus nativy figurine under the end table in RAGE of him "not being real". So I've come to the conclusion she is Jewish. I decorated a menorah on a cookie just for her. Happy Hanukkah, Kitten!

If you celebrate something else...I hope you have a nice day. I'm sorry nothing's open.