May 28th, 2010

Chase the Wind and Touch the Sky

Martin, you can be honest with me if you want to

Ahoy! Did you know that my birthday is in ONE MONTH?!?!? You should. The sweet one-six. Yeaaaah.
Soooo, I was gonna make more, but I got lazy. AND WHO ELSE HAS SEEN THE NARNIA POSTER AND BANNERS?!?!?! DID YOU SEE PETER AND SUSAN ON THE BANNER?!?! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?!?!? Well, I'm excited. And Skandar/Edmund is looking super heroic. Also, I heard the trailer should be out this week or next? REALLY SOON. Will make icons of that ASAP!
Aaand, I finally saw Sweeney Todd. It was...disturbing. It looked fake so that's why I didn't say disgusting. But those people needed to be locked up. For realz. But it was gooooood!!!
But anyway, I hate a lot of these. So I just decided I should post them because someone might like them, and then I can start anew.

[07] A Very Potter Sequel
[25] The Chronicles of Narnia + cast
[51] Disney
[06] Harry Potter
[07] Merlin
[11] Sweeney Todd


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