June 20th, 2010

Chase the Wind and Touch the Sky

There's a snake in my boot!

Soooo...NARNIA TRAILER IS OUT. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMDBAhfbgdahdfksf. I OF COURSE made icons of that. Same with Tangled Rapunzel. Georgie Henley had a new photoshoot and she looks SOOOO OLD OMG. I feel like I've just watched my baby grow up. And I'm only a year older than her. And I saw TOY STORY 3 at the midnight premiere! It was SOOOOOOOO GOOD!! So many emotions were packed into that hour and a half. I laughed, I cried...it moved me, Bob. My favorite part of the movie was KEN. OMG. HE WAS THE BEST EVER. I'm still cracking up!
OKAY ANYWHO THE ICONS -- I can't say I necessarily like a lot of these, but to avoid making a huge post ginormous, I thought I should should just post these. Pretty stuff will be in the next post, I promise.

[41] The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
[03] Georgie Henley
[21] Tangled
[36] Toy Story 3


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