March 17th, 2011

Chase the Wind and Touch the Sky

This city is for strangers like the sky is for the stars

It's been so long since my last post! Anyway, I started making some icons, and I had a good chunk done, but then I started playing around with saturated coloring and textures, so I decided to just delete my batch I made and start over. Anywho, these icons are a little different than how I usually make them, but I am very happy with the turn-out. :)

[05] Adam Scott
[07] Alice in Wonderland (2010)
[10] Amy Poehler
[04] Carey Mulligan
[09] Chronicles of Narnia
[04] Chuck
[01] Darren Criss & Charlene Kaye
[21] Disney
[03] Emma Watson
[19] Never Let Me Go
[26] Parks & Recreation
[08] Regina Spektor
[09] The Duchess
[01] Yvonne Strahovski


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