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100 Aladdin icons for Disney100

Icon count: 76/100 


Icon Count: 76 / 100 Last update: February 11, 2008

100 Aladdin icons for disney100
1. Magic2. Family3. Rainbow4. Dreams5. Home
6. Evil7. Good8. Glitter9. Time10. Royalty
11. Hero12. Love13. Power14. Hope15. Light
16. Darkness17. Loyalty18. Song19. Humor20. Pretend
21. Black and White22. Flight23. Friendship24. Childhood25. Memories
26. Carefree27. Believe28. Blossom29. Food30. Happy endings
31. Neverending32. Princess33. Compassion34. Savior35. Trust
36. Sidekick37. Seasons38. Sadness39. Blue40. Celebration
41. Discover42. Animal43. Battle44. Lonliness45. Demon
46. Naked47. Lost48. Deception49. Longing50. Heart

Icon maker's notes:

1-06-08: This is my first batch for my Aladdin claim. I basically did all these last night, so if you think they're bad than I suppose it was from the lack of brain cells working so late at night. If you have questions about icon #16 and 53, they're just refrences from this dubbed version of Aladdin on YouTube called "Aladdin and the Cave of Cheeseburgers". It's pretty much one of the funniest YouTube videos I've ever seen. Sorry if you think they're dumb, it's just every time I watch this movie I cannot watch it without thinking of "the Cave of Cheeseburgers". Icon #24 - Aaaw! Little Aladdin!! He was soooo adorable!! (Actually he still is.) I squeeled when I saw him! Thanks 

salukfan for the awesome picture! =)

02-03-08: I have returned with more icons! I think this batch is better than my last by far. I got new textures and stuff so that really got me into finishing this claim. I'll probably have this finished completely the next time I post! I'm very proud. I didn't feel like I was ever going to finish this (or my Disney Princesses claim either) but I feel pretty confident I will!

2-11-08: Third batch of Aladdin icons for my Aladdin claim. Oh wow, what a coincidence! A Whole New World just came up on my iTunes! Well, that's peculier. Pecuilar? Peculiar? I can't spell. Did you know I JUST learned how to spell tomorrow? I always spelled it 'tomarrow'. Geez Louise, English teachers these days. Never checking my mispelled words. How will I ever learn? Okay, anyway, enjoy the...18 artist choices. The next batch should be my last, and I really want to get this claim done, so it may be very soon.

2-16-08: My last batch of Aladdin icons. I'm finally finished! Icon #97 - HAAHA! That face is utterly hilario! I die of laughter everytime I see it!




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