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It's Time to Leave and Turn to Dust :: a Cinderella fanmix

Many of you might recall my Beauty and the Beast fanmix from a couple years ago. Since then, I've wanted to continue to create fanmixes that tell the story of a beloved fairy tale, and I've finally found the motivation to make another one (and there are a couple more coming as well). So here we are, the second mix in my Fairy Tale Series: Cinderella!

Thistle & Weeds - Mumford & Sons
Corrupted by the simple sniff of riches blown
I know you have felt much more love than you've shown
And I'm on my knees and the water creeps to my chest

But plant your hope with good seeds
Don't cover yourself with thistle and weeds

Cinderella is stripped of her wealth and made a servant. Her parents have both died, and her step-mother shows her no love. Still, she holds on to hope and does not let herself get filled with sadness. "Plant your hope" also alludes to her mother's spirit being within a tree, which Cinderella talks to and finds advice.

The Wolves (Act I and II) - Bon Iver
Someday my pain
Someday my pain will mark you
Harness your blame
Harness your blame, walk through

Cinderella's belief that "what goes around comes around" and her step-mother will feel the pain that she has felt at her hands.

Intro - The Hush Sound
Give me that hope
Give me time to love

Pinesong - A Fine Frenzy
The time has come for giving up
I have lost
I wanted once to become what
I cannot
Why come to me so full of dreams?
Well, go on
With feathered keys you're mocking me
I am locked

It's easier to pine
To pine

She was told that she could go to the ball, made herself a dress, got ready. When she went downstairs her step-mother and sisters rip her clothes to shreds, mock her for ever thinking she could go to the ball, and left her shattered.

Magnolia - The Hush Sound
You are weathered and worn
Your petals soft and torn
The fading color
You have bent your shoulders
To hold the weight of the world
You will surely shatter

Run where you'll be safe
Through the garden gates
To the shelter of magnolias
There's not much time
The blush in the sky begins to fade

Hope shattered, she runs to her mother's tree. Her mother transforms her tattered dress into a beautiful ballgown, a pumpkin into a horse and carriage. She is allowed to go to the ball, but only until midnight.

Barari - Fabrizio Paterlini

The music playing at the ball. Cinderella sees the many people dancing, and decides to join in.

The Spine Song - Cake Bake Betty

And you're down
For the count
You are dancing with men
Going around and around
And you're scared
And you're sure

Cinderella dances with many people at the ball, has the time of her life, but is also very nervous about it all.

Waltz - Rachel Sermanni
May I have the pleasure of your hand to lead this dance?
Aware that you may tread upon my toes.
In hopelessness I spin you.
And suddenly I'm lost.
Aware you tear the tethers of my skirt.

Just play that soft sweet music.
Just stay a while with me.
I don't know the notes and I
Don't know the time
I don't know the steps

The Prince asks Cinderella to dance. She is nervous, as she's not a dancer, but as they dance she begins to relax and to lose track of everything.

Combinations - Eisley
I, I saw you there, wanted you there
I, I knew that it was best for me
You brought me back to that place in my heart
I thought was gone, oh so long
I was unhappy now it's gone
And I'm moving on

Dark Waltz - Hayley Westenra
Dance me into the night
Underneath the moon shining so bright
Let the dark waltz begin
Oh let me wheel - let me spin
Let it take me again
Turning me into the light

1916 - Cake Bake Betty

I let my hands get caught in all the flame
Well I cannot play again
When do you ask me if I am okay
I see it when we dance

And make a pouter's portrait on the steps
Oh my it is divine
But there's just one more question I will ask
Is all this really mine?

Forever So - Husky

Twinkling sky, fresh fallen snow
Tonight is cold, don't let me go
The sky is clear and we both know
the night is fast

Lipstick smile, mascara eyes
Remember me until you die
When she laughs I ask her why
"Because time is fast."

They dance all night and fall in love. Cinderella becomes aware of how fast time is moving, and knows she must leave soon.

Dream in the Dark - A Fine Frenzy
Bye, bye darlin’
It’s time to go
Got lost in your magic
Oh I
Longed for you so

It's nearly midnight and Cinderella has to leave the ball.

Blue - Emily Jane White
And we danced in diamond dust,
Oh and we danced in diamond dust

And we danced so hard, that the cold, cold black rain fell.
And the blood on the ground, on the ground, washed away,
And your body was gone, and it left no trace,
But a trail of ash has led me to this dark place.

Did you see in the way that she did run run?
Faster than anyone

Cinderella flees straight out of the castle. The Prince is left confused, believing that they both just had a wonderful time. Why is she running? What was wrong?

To Build a Home - The Cinematic Orchestra
And now, it's time to leave and turn to dust

Out in the garden where we planted the seeds
There is a tree as old as me
Branches were sewn by the color of green
Ground had arose and passed it's knees

Cinderella leaves the ball to turn back to the plain, ash-covered servant she was before. When she returns home, she visists her mother's tree to tell her all that has happened.

The Naming of Things - Andrew Bird
You can't be found when the bell rings
You weren't there that day for the naming of things
The naming of things
Where the homeroom bell rings
The homeroom bell rings

Cinderella disappeared as it was midnight, and the Prince sent the royal guards to go after her, but she could not be found.

The Streets - Avalanche City
'Cause even with the lights gone out I know
The rhythm that our hearts pound out rolls on
It's bounding through the streets scattering the cold
The marching band rolls on

Even though the ball is over, Cinderella still feels the giddyness she felt as she was dancing with the prince. The music is still playing in her heart, and she's aware that she's in love.

All I Know - Lisa Mitchell
Well I couldn't let go of the night just yet
These feelings I share
Circle round in my head
And the time is ticking on the wall
Only seems
to get a second silence in this bed

Cinderella cannot stop thinking of her feelings for the Prince, however, she knows it is unlikely that they will ever meet again.

Lions Roar - The Hush Sound
Delicate dame her fragile face
Was scared away without a trace
Out in the cold, where did she go?
Into unknown a place I'll never

Know and the desperate search began
All across this sea and land

The Prince can't get Cinderella out of his head, and begins a huge search for her.

A Thousand Years - Christina Perri
Time stands still
Beauty in all she is
I will be brave
I will not let anything take away
What's standing in front of me
Every breath
Every hour has come to this

And all along I believed I would find you
Time has brought your heart to me
I have loved you for a thousand years
I'll love you for a thousand more

The Prince finds Cinderella, and he will not allow himself to lose her again. They marry, and live happily ever after.

Love Story/Viva La Vida - Jon Schmidt

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